20-May-2019    |    Emerging Trends in Engineering Research    |    ISBN 978-93-S267-349-0   |   Volume I

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1 NCECA 1901 Evolution of Captcha’s : Deep-Captcha 1
Jeevan T Raju, AnsiyaAbdulSalam, Jomon Jose and Merin Manoj
2 NCECA 1902 Student Performance Evaluator Using Decision Tree 4
Alan K Abraham,TeenaMathew,Amrutha P Raj and Merin Manoj
3 NCECA 1903 Graphical Password Authentication Using Images Sequence 7
Saranya Ts, Elizabeth Mathew, Anju Mathew and Rini Kurian
4 NCECA 1904 GPS Place Reminder With Pattern Searching & Accident Detection 10
Manumon Mathew, Manu Joseph, Anns Benny and Juby Mathew
5 NCECA 1905 Enhanced Password Security using Image Steganography and OpenSSL Base64 Encryption 15
Aravind Nair A, Vishnu K S, Jebin C Varghese and Ajith G S
6 NCECA 1906 Complaint Reporting and Pattern Searching Using KMP Algorithm 20
AnchanaAshok,Sumy Roslin Joseph,Anjana Vinod and Juby Mathew
7 NCECA 1907 Breast cancer prediction techniques : A review 24
Anjaly Nelson, Bony Sunny,Jibymol Joseph and Shelly Shiju George
8 NCECA 1908 Sentiment Analysis for User Reviews Using K-NN Algorithm 27
LiyaMathew,Ann Dona James,AnjimaShaji and Sona Maria Sebastian
9 NCECA 1909 JPRM: Job Post and Resume Matching for Online Recruitment 32
Jannet George, Abhaya Mol P, Shilpa Sabu and Rini Kurian
10 NCECA 1910 Multiple Authentications in a System Using Graphical Password 35
Ansu Maria Varghese,AlbinVarghese,Justin Sebastian and Jetty Benjamin
11 NCECA 1911 A novel approach for image comparison using OpenCV Python 41
Jomiya John, Akhil Murali,Ashwin Mathew and Lisha Varghese
12 NCECA 1912 Crime Analysis Using K-Means Algorithm 44
Anitta Abraham, Reshma Ratheesh,Jubiya George and Jetty Benjamin
13 NCECA 1913 One Algorithm to Many Programming Language 48
Manumon Mathew and Gloriya Mathew
14 NCECA 1914 Automatic Number Plate Recognition System Using OpenCV and Machine Learning 52
Basil Baby, JikkuJose,Lithin Thomas and Shelly Shiju George
15 NCECA 1915 Heart Disease Prediction:A Review 58
Treesa Maria Pius, AkhilaMadhu,Arun Antony and Lisha Varghese
16 NCECA 1916 Frequent Itemset Using Apriori Algorithm 61
MelbinThomas,Ajmal Khan EM Noora Noushad and Sona Maria Sebastian
17 NCECA 1917 K-Mode Clustering Algorithm to Analyze Data in Different Categories 65
Dinju V Joseph, Jomol Jose, Ashwin C Tom and Ajith G.S